RIP Anxiety

You ever have the kind of anxiety to where you feel like you can’t calm your mind for even a minute? I know for me I tend to feel sick when this happens because I feel like I have zero control and the thought of that scares me. One thing that I am learning to … Continue reading RIP Anxiety

Unconditional Love

So its almost 11 at night and my Holy Spirit is just talking away. I had left to go to church earlier on in the evening and I came home to my daily devotional scattered all around the floor ripped into tiny little pieces. MAN, I loved this devotional so much! I used it daily … Continue reading Unconditional Love

Weathering the Storm

I thought this title was quite appropriate for what I want to talk about today. This morning I woke up feeling nervous and scared for what was to come with this hurricane. Then I thought, “Rachel, what is wrong with you? Don’t you know that God holds this whole world in His precious hands?” It … Continue reading Weathering the Storm


Friends, did you know that God can move mountains bigger than the issue you are dealing with in this very moment? Did you know that God can change your life in just a split second??? Do you fully believe this??? One thing I know for certain about God is He has never given up on … Continue reading Breakthrough!