Weathering the Storm

I thought this title was quite appropriate for what I want to talk about today.

This morning I woke up feeling nervous and scared for what was to come with this hurricane.

Then I thought, “Rachel, what is wrong with you? Don’t you know that God holds this whole world in His precious hands?”

It is so easy to worry and struggle over what could happen from natural causes.

It takes all the faith and all the trust that you have in God to settle your mind, heart, and soul.

This morning I woke to the rain beating down and hitting the window in my bedroom and It frightened me a bit. I got under the covers and prayed, “Please calm this storm and keep your people safe. Please calm my wondering heart and help me to see you in all my fears.” I prayed this over and over again until I fell back into a sleep.

When things like this happen, it is very humbling to us as humans. We realize that there is absolutely nothing we can do in this case and must reach up to God.

Don’t you think that is ultimately what God wants?

It seems that we only look up when something really bad is coming. For instance, a natural disaster.

We pray when we feel desperate, but then when everything seems alright in the world, we say “okay God, I am good now. Thanks!” and go on about our life.

I pray that people come to learn that we need God ALL OF THE TIME!!! 24/7.

I sit here and I can confidently say, the God I worship is so good!!!!!

I will sit and pray on all that I am thankful for. I will pray for God to protect those He loves and I pray that whatever the reason is for natural disasters that we as people can rise above it all and help one another and keep the faith so strong that we are no longer scared for what is to come.

I love how Dr. Lutzer says it: “What we need to realize is that God can be trusted, even when it seems as if He is not on our side. We have to point people to the fact that God has intervened in our planet by sending Jesus Christ. There we see the love of God most clearly.”

It was Martin Luther who said, “When you look around and wonder whether God cares, you must always hurry to the cross and you must see Him there.”

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