Friends, did you know that God can move mountains bigger than the issue you are dealing with in this very moment? Did you know that God can change your life in just a split second???

Do you fully believe this??? One thing I know for certain about God is He has never given up on us.

SO why so many times do people give up on Him? Why is it that I hear people say, “you know Rachel, I am just not seeing results from praying so I just give up.”

This is absolutely ludicrous. Why are people giving up on the God who created this universe? The one who holds it all in His hands??

What I am trying to say is so many people underestimate God. They don’t realize that one day you could say the smallest prayer and that could be the BIGGEST breakthrough for you and your life!!!

Just because God isn’t giving you exactly what you pray for in that moment does not mean He is not listening or doesn’t care.

He is good and wants the best for your life!

Sometimes what you want isn’t the best in Gods eyes.

I know how it is easy to be selfish and want what you want in that moment.

BUT I will say through personal experience I have developed this want and NEED for God’s way in my life. I want HIS plan and HIS purpose.

If you want God’s will in your life, His will is what you will receive.

You have to be willing to endure the hardships because God always has a plan for them.

We need to trust those more and know that it isn’t that Jesus said, “okay go ahead, I gave you what you needed, now you are on your own.” NO. He will walk with you every step of the way!!! You are never alone.

Through hardships and happy times.

As you can see I am so very passionate about this because I see so many people give up on God when really they should be giving it to God!

Trust more and worry less. Be less selfish and more selfless. You can see through a new pair of lenses if you walk through life like this. I promise you.

In the times of confusion, go help someone who needs it. Sometimes the things that feel like mountains in your life is only a grain of sand. Start looking at others and their needs. Again, “Be Selfless”

Look at your blessings, not your burdens.

Trust God fully and NEVER EVER stop praying.

God is known for MIRACLES!!!

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