You will always be OK

Friends, do you ever have those moments and days of weakness? Do you have those days where you just feel “off” and don’t understand why those emotions are consuming you mentally and physically?

Personally, I feel that a lot. It wasn’t until reading more of God’s word that I understood it more and was able to embrace those moments and pray about them instead of just staying that draining mentality.

We always have the ability to change how we feel. Now I am not going to say that I myself don’t struggle in my own ways, BUT I do find comfort in my God.

I find comfort in being able to pray to God about the true and honest me. The true and honest me is messy and broken. We ALL are messy and broken in our own ways.

We have to look at that as beautiful. We have to look at our brokenness as beauty. When we turn a new leaf on our perspective, things start to really change within us.

It will become more of a habit to pray during the times of uncertainty and weakness instead of digging deeper into that hole.

We are worthy and we are loved by God. He loves us so much that He wants to hear all of our thoughts, feelings and even anger that comes over us.

He understands all of it. He will bend down and listen to you every single time you reach out for Him.

Have you ever thought that maybe when you start feeling “off” is God knocking on your heart to tell you to come to Him?

He has interesting ways to pull you closer in to Him.

Friends, you NEED God. I don’t care who you are. You will always need your Holy Father.

He knows you in and out. Do not be ashamed of that.

I encourage you to be thankful for that. God knew what He was doing when He created your beautiful self.

I promise you!!!! You have a purpose and a reason to be here on this earth.

Ask God what that is. Rest in His arms and cry out for Him to hold you even tighter when you feel weak in your mind and spirit.

When I say that you will always be ok, I mean that. For God will never give you pain without a purpose behind it.

Even when we have those days where we feel off and insecure and feeling like we just don’t know what’s going on, remember that there can be a purpose for that.

He wants you to reach out to Him.

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