Finding Purpose in your Everyday

Friends, I truly believe that a lot of us struggle with what our purpose is in this crazy life. I was one of these people that struggled with finding mine.

I never felt I had a strong point in life, so I felt like I was sorta just going through the motions.

I realized how empty this made me feel. I felt like I was not benefiting this world in any positive ways. That really did take a toll on me.

So I prayed. I prayed that God would use me as a vessel for His love to others.

I found that I very much did have a purpose after praying and reading God’s truths about me.

He says I am the beautiful one and that He does have plans for me.

I think we often get into our heads and we start believing our self doubt. My advise to you, DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOUR FEEL. Believe what God says.

Sometimes our purpose isn’t going to be a specific thing. It’s going to be waking up, realizing to whom you belong to, and praying for Him to direct your path JUST for that day.

Do not get too ahead of yourself.

Don’t think about your end point. Think about the journey that God is going to lead you through.

I have learned that the journey is the most beautiful part of walking with Jesus.

I want you to know that you have a purpose. You always have a purpose when you’re given another day.

Your task for this day could be different from the task that God has for you a week from today.

It makes us continuously go back to God and ask Him, what’s next, Father? Help me to be vulnerable to your ways. Let me live out what you need me to live out.

Help me to speak to the people who need to spoken to.

Help me to inspire those who need inspiration.

I PROMISE if we take our purpose day by day, it will make more sense. Remember, God can use you when you become a vessel to Him.

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