A new beginning

Hello sweet friends! This morning I woke up and felt so grateful for all that God has done in me, and what He continues to do in me.

As I get older I see more and more how blessed I am and how good I really do have it.

Sometimes in this life it takes everything to look at the positive side instead of the negative and the bad that is going on in your life at the time.

You guys, I understand and I will always be that person to try and point your blessings out instead of your burdens.

Everybody has burdens that come creeping into their lives, but its all about how you handle these burdens.

Do you get all frustrated and feel like there is a target on your back? Or do you look at it as God is working on me and I will get through this with His help.

I think a lot of people fall is in that process. The way you look at a problem.

To God there is no problem that could ever take away His path for you. He is THAT GOOD!

You guys, when we start to look at things with God in mind, that’s a brand new beginning in your life!!! A beautiful beautiful beginning.

When you KNOW in your heart, soul, and mind that God has got you, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

I know how easy it is for the world to get you down and make you feel less than who God says you are! That is evil and that is Satan all day long.

Say yes to a brand new beginning and when a burden hits you, look at it in a completely different way! Pray about it and give it fully to the Lord because when you let Him own your life you will have a new sense of purpose.

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