True Happiness

What is true happiness to you? What does it look like in your eyes? Is it what you own? Is it your family or friends, or even both?

Sometimes it is funny for me to look back on my life and think of all the pointless things I used to hold higher than God. The dumbest of things.

I would find that my next best phone was something I held higher. Even just the little things. I had very bad OCD as a kid and that has always held me back in a sense until now.

I have learned so much through my dog Luna and I truly do think that God put her in my life to help me with my OCD because that took away so much joy that was right in front of me.

I have gotten over so much of my OCD issues here in the past 3 months. Its so incredible and I give all that glory to God and I give Him all the credit. I prayed and prayed to ask God to help me with this because it held me back for so long. I would sit in my room and fixate on one small little scratch on my phone. Guys it was bad.

As time has gone on though, I have learned that nothing in the world can satisfy my heart the way Jesus can. There is a reason for this, though.

God wants us to run to Him to find relationship with Him.

If we found true happiness in worldly things, we wouldn’t need God.

But that is so far from the truth. Our hearts were meant to need God. We were created by God for that reason. Our hearts long for God even in the times when we don’t see it.

It’s those random times when we feel discomfort and all of the sudden start to feel a void. Like something is missing.

That’s God trying to tug on your heart. He is whispering, “run to me” “come be with me and let me satisfy all of your needs.”

Its always a work in progress for me to stop and remember where my true joy comes from but honestly, it just gets easier everyday that I put Him first in my life and pray for Him to take over my life.

I no longer live for myself. I am living for Jesus and Jesus alone.

He died on that cross for me. Must be that He took me very seriously. So now it is time I take Him seriously and live only for Him and spread the amazing news of the gospel to others.

I want other people to find the joy I have found. It is a beautiful thing and something that is completely out of this world. Trust me on this one.

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