Stand On The Solid Rock

Friends! I really want to write about something that I truly feel can help everyone in their day to day life schedule. With everything! Relationships, Work, and even hobbies!

Sometimes it’s totally unavoidable to get out from under the uncomfortable situations that happen in life, and not just the situations that happen in life but people who are negatively impacting you and your soul.

What do we do when we feel under pressure in situations and when we feel attacked by people in general?

Do we automatically get discouraged and want to curl up in a ball? Do we start to think poorly of ourselves?

I feel like everyone may have a different coping mechanism when it comes to uncomfortable situations in life. Whatever it may be I feel like I can help the uncomfortable into something that we can take and grow from.


You my friend are a child of the highest God! You are worth everything to Him and He will leave the 99 to come chasing after YOU!

Do you know that? Do you truly rejoice in that knowing?

If not, its time you start realizing your worth NEVER comes from this Earth. Nothing here and no one person here will ever determine who you are or who you are meant to become. That is ALL God!

Our spirit becomes flimsy when we let others define our happiness and contentment. We MUST stand on the solid rock of God.

No human can give us the same kind of joy and happiness that our God can.

The next time you face a uncomfortable situation remember the firm foundation that you stand on. Remember that Jesus walks side by side with you. Keep your eyes on the God who made the Heavens and Earth.

He’s got your back and will fight every battle that comes your way!!!!

Believe it. Rejoice in it. Have faith in it.

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