Loving Fiercely & Fearlessly

Think for a minute about God’s reckless love for you. He will leave the 99 to come after you when you are slipping away.

How many times do we do that for other people? Not often, right? We seem to run away instead of going after them when they are in a dark place. We try to justify to ourselves why it is better to leave than to stay.

Why do we do this? We do it because we try to say “I don’t have time for this right now, I have my own issues in life and I don’t have time to deal with theirs.”

I have literally heard this kind of thing come out of the mouths of people.

This is the complete opposite of what we are supposed to be doing, brothers and sisters. As Christians we are supposed to be resembling Christ in all that we do. Jesus NEVER left a person in a bad place without trying to help them. He showed kindness and grace towards everyone.

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns says it best, “Jesus was living proof that you can love people and still speak truth to them at the same time. He never hated anyone. He loved people right where they were. He just refused to leave them there.”

We tend to leave these people because it takes work from us to help them. We are so selfish these days. If a relationship doesn’t benefit us in some way we leave.

Jesus does not do this to us, so why are we doing this to other people? Sometimes being there for a person can be a life or death situation for them.

People commit suicide on a daily basis because they feel like no one cares about them or loves them.

I encourage you, as followers of Jesus, go to the people who need help. You know who they are. Listen to them and let them know that they are truly loved. They are needed in this world and God loves them more than they know.

Let’s do for people as God does and CONTINUES to do for us!

Be a shining light to those in need. You may change their life completely and you will be blessed for blessing others.

Let’s stop thinking about everything in our life that is wrong and think about how people may have it worse than us and may need you more than anything! You might be their hope in a dark time of life. Just like Jesus is our hope in our dark times.

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