Every Season Is A Blessing

Do you ever feel like when you are in a messy time in life God can’t use you during it? 

Well if your answer was yes, you need to really think about who God is and how much He loves you and truly wants to use you for His Glory no matter what season you’re in! 

We will have times where we feel like our lives are great and align with what we think God wants. Keyword “THINK”

Spoiler alert: He does not want our best selves! And the only reason I say that is because we will never be perfect enough for God. It’s impossible. We are all beautifully broken in so many aspects of life, and for that reason we NEED God to cling to all the time! 

The Lord finds pleasure when we go to Him in all seasons of life. The GOOD AND BAD! 

We need God just as much on our good days as we do on our bad. 

God can use us when we are open to His spirit. We must put Him first in all things we do. Surrender to the Lord and He will lead you with the best provision. 

God can use us in simpler ways than you think! 

I’m understanding that in this ministry that I am trying to start that sometimes I look what I want my end point to look like instead of how God can use me day by day as I go through the process of this ministry. Again the PROCESS like I talked about in my last blog.

God can give me the words of encouragement to a person I’ve never met in my life. God can teach me forgiveness in times that I never saw it coming. 

Surrendering to the Lord is what our souls long to do and what we are made to do. 

Just because we have a messy season doesn’t mean God can’t redeem us from it. That’s what makes this life so beautiful. The struggles that can turn into testimonies! 

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