Learning To Enjoy The Process

So I am going to let you guys in on something I really struggle with, and that is the process to living out what God wants me to do for His glory.

I have finally stopped saying no to God and began to say yes to all of the things He has placed on my heart and soul. 

I have started my own YouTube channel and sometimes I look at the videos and I think “oh my gosh, I am so not cut out for this AT ALL” 

When doubt sets in its so incredibly hard to get out of it and tell yourself IT’S THE PROCESS!! Enjoy that process. This is for sure a season of life that God is telling me to trust Him more and more and hold firmly to His word and promises.

God always has an interesting way of getting you to places He wants you to be so that He can speak through someone to tell you something. Well that was yesterday at Church. My pastor was talking about how this culture hates the process to get to where we truly want to go.

Remember when you were a kid and you waited all year to go on your favorite family vacation, and on the way there you maybe enjoyed the first hour and a half of the trip with your gold fish crackers in your hands and your portable TV watching your fave movie. But then you became tired of that real fast. Then the famous question came out. “Are we there yet?”  Impatience at it’s finest.

I think we we want to enjoy the process but then we see everyone else living out their big dream and it seems like it came so easy for them and its so frustrating. 

God wants us to enjoy the journey. The journey is what builds character in life. Ultimately God cares about our character not how we act when we get something we want right away. Sometimes it takes the struggle and doubt to make us that more confident. 

In this season I am leaning on God that much more because I know what I am doing is for His Kingdom and because of that, I know that God will help me until I get to where He wants me. Being obedient and praying every minute I can so I am receiving God’s provision.

Guys, we are our own worst critic. Remembering what God says about us is what we have to remember in our times or doubt about ourselves. And DO NOT GIVE UP ON WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS YOU. 

You are on this earth because you have a purpose for the Kingdom. 

Believe and seek His sweet face.

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