Giving Forgiveness

So I really want to focus this blog on forgiveness and how crucial it really is when it comes to our everyday life with God.

So first, think. Has anyone ever did you so wrong to the point you didn’t think it was possible to forgive? Not only that, but REFUSED to forgive this person?

Well, not only has this happened to me, but in my life I have come across some people who really struggle to forgive. Rightfully so with what they have been through in their life.

But one thing I always like to pick peoples brains about is WHY? Why do you not want to forgive and why do you refuse to do so?

I think some people think that forgiving means they have completely let this person off the hook of what they did. But honestly its the complete opposite.

First let’s take a look at how many times God continues to forgive us and does not hold us to our wrongs in life.

God Himself has chosen to let those go and it even says in the bible that He casts our sin as far as the east is from the west. Which means God completely forgets of our wrong doings!!! How amazing is that??

To us humans, that just doesn’t seem possible to forgive AND forget when you feel so much ill for that person.

Back to what I was saying above. People think that it completely lets the other person off the hook… when actually. It lets YOU off the hook.

Off the hook of anger, off the hook of losing happiness. Off the hook of judgment. Because ultimately us being able to not forgive is us judging to the point that we don’t think they deserve forgiveness.

But is that right? What if God thought that about us? We would have no hope because at the end of the day, we wrong God so many times, but YET he continually chooses to forgive us.

Giving forgiveness to people is accepting forgiveness from God.

Let’s do as God has done for us and the person that is on your mind right now that you haven’t yet forgave. Maybe just think about it. If you hear a still small voice within your head, that is your Holy Spirit speaking to you. Just think about how freeing it will be to let the anger and sadness go. Forever.

Our God has chosen to forgive us. Let’s do in return and forgive others.

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