The Domino Effect

Do you ever have times where you stop and realize that a whole day has gone by and you not once have thought about God?

For me those are the worst days. When I start to let stressful moments take over my thoughts.

But as time has gone on and I have become closer to God, I realize when you are intentional with your time in His presence, your entire attitude changes.

When something is stressing you out and then you stop and take a breath and remember that God holds your life in His strong mighty hands. That is the best feeling to come back to. It is simply a weight off of your shoulders.

I am learning that in the times of good and bad are the most important times to worship the one who made you. So basically that leaves you everyday of your life if you know what I mean! 🙂

SO the domino effect…

Once you stay in the presence of God it’s like His goodness just continues to pour over you. It just keeps coming and does not stop. When we focus on His goodness we can’t help but be filled with pure joy. Its the best joy you will ever feel in your entire life.

The more you let Him in, the more He will overflow into your spirit.

Did you know that all the money in the world would never give you the same satisfaction as God can?

I bet some of you are like, “yeah right” all the money in the world??? I could do anything my heart ever desired.”

Yes, that would be great. But my point is, money is an object. God is not. God is LOVE. Strictly love. We were made to be loved. Not to buy objects.

Without Him our souls will always suffer in this world.

Take time and think about God in all aspects in life. I promise it will change your perspective on so many things. Our problems are so minor when it comes to God.

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