Simply a beautiful life

Sometimes the sweetest things in life are the things that we take for granted on a daily basis.

This beautiful Saturday morning, I woke to my dog licking my face so excited to see that I was awake. That to me was the best thing ever.

I think that we have so many blessings in front of us but sometimes we have to make ourselves see them. It’s looking at your life and knowing its not perfect but it’s a good life.

I think that life can be simply beautiful if we look at the smallest things and consider them pure joy.

Look at the food that you have in your house that feeds your body and gives it the fuel it needs to go about your day. Look at the clothes in your closet and consider them a true blessing.

One thing that I think can get in the way of us seeing our true blessings is when we feel entitled to all of our needs.

Feeling entitled is not a good place to be in when you want to have a grateful heart.

Let’s stop for a minute and thank God for the smallest things, because truth is, all good things come from above. Gifts from God himself.

He is so good to us. Let’s remember that when we feel like we always want more but don’t need more.

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