Let’s turn Jealousy to Joy

Let’s sit and think about how many times you have lost happiness due to feeling jealous of another person? Wait, I can answer that, ummm like ALL THE TIME for me. That feeling of she is way prettier or is even way more successful than I am. The thoughts go on and on and on. It is an endless hole to unhappiness and not appreciating what the Lord has given us that makes us special!

I want you to stop reading now and think about the good qualities you have. Maybe even jot them down on a piece of paper or even your notes on your phone.

Those qualities that you just thought about are amazing and you need to remind yourself of them when jealousy starts to hit, and you start telling yourself you aren’t good enough. DO NOT GO DOWN THAT HOLE. You can beat jealousy, I promise!

For example, does anyone ever notice when a girl can smile at another girl or even give that girl a nice compliment on her hair or even her outfit for that matter. Does anyone else find that beautiful like I do? I LOVE when girls do that! To me, that is a great indicator that they are confident in who THEY are and its easy for them to compliment others. Fact of the matter is, the girl who just got told that she was pretty or her outfit was nice is probably thrilled, and feels all fuzzy inside. Don’t we all want to feel that way??? Why don’t we set ourselves on a path of complimenting instead of criticising? Girls are so famous for that. Woman are amazing strong creatures! We have our own battles inside our heads and its nice when sometimes we get told something uplifting by a total stranger. Speak Life into people and I can promise you, you will even feel a fuzziness in your heart because you were just responsible for making another person feel good about themselves. That will bring us joy!

Heres the thing, we were not intended to be full of ourselves. That is where the jealousy comes from. Let’s lay down the jealousy and let God take care of it for us. Remember that God made you in His image! That should mean so much to you! Remembering the truth of Gods words and remembering who God says you are will help you with not getting yourself in such a deep hole of jealousy. It has helped me so much. And although I still struggle, I know how to fix it and work on it with the help of God.

Proverbs 3:15 says “She is more precious than Rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her”

We are perfect in our own way ladies! Let’s let each other know that and lift each other up instead of tear each other down!

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