Healthy Mindset

Gods been weighing on my heart lately about what Social Media can do to our well being and how it can really mess with our minds . Image result for society is broken

It is really crazy how we can take our personal lives and compare them to others just by the looking at their instagram photo or even a facebook post. I am guilty of this disease called “Their Life is Better than Mine” and for me, I have to constantly remind myself that the perfection in social media posts is not really a reality of someones life behind the scenes. They are just highlights. Kind of like a sports game. When you see snip bits of a football game or basketball game, they don’t show the whole entire game, they just show the “highlights” and the good moments of it. Right?? Well that is exactly what social media is. Life is messy. FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON. God never promised us a perfect life. That is not reality. If you ask me, I love seeing messy situations and a beautiful outcome after it. I love seeing trials and those trials becoming your testimonies. So I challenge you today, get your mind right before you start scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. KNOW that life is not perfect like social media tries to portray. Love who you are and the life God has blessed you with, because that is the only life you have, so why not embrace it?! Your first step starts with getting in the right mindset before scrolling.

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