Kingdom Driven

I can not help but think that one day we will no longer be on this earth. For we are only here for ONE reason and that is to glorify and worship God. Think about that for a minute. Isn’t that insane? You are not here to work 40 hours a week and then do … Continue reading Kingdom Driven

Progress means Purpose

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends! I hope everyone is doing something nice for the day with family and friends! God was in my thoughts last night before I went to sleep and I came up with the title “Progress means Purpose.” I feel like this is such a good topic to talk about on Thanksgiving because … Continue reading Progress means Purpose

What’s next, Lord?

Oh Lord, why does my mind always struggle with making sure everything I do is up to standards of what everyone else thinks? One of the easiest things to do is seek approval from other people on what your next step in life should be. When really the only approval we should be looking for … Continue reading What’s next, Lord?

RIP Anxiety

You ever have the kind of anxiety to where you feel like you can’t calm your mind for even a minute? I know for me I tend to feel sick when this happens because I feel like I have zero control and the thought of that scares me. One thing that I am learning to … Continue reading RIP Anxiety